Meet Justin Kennedy, the Administrative Concierge at Ross Buehler Falk since 2023. Responsible for managing client accounts, handling documentation, and overseeing office organization, Justin’s professional commitment ensures the seamless operation of the Lititz Office.

A graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.S. in Criminal Justice Management, Justin’s diverse interests were evident when he served as the arts editor for the school paper during his college years.

Residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Justin finds peace in the tranquil atmosphere. Hailing from a family of retired postmen, he values humility and a love for travel, reflecting the same qualities in his personal life.

Beyond his professional role, Justin’s fun facts add depth to his character. His top priority, if granted more time, is spending it with loved ones. An enthusiast of the magical world, he dreams of visiting Hogwarts, while his aspiration to master welding showcases his creative side.

Intellectually curious, Justin wishes to delve deeper into the realm of law. His unique skill shines in card games, as he effortlessly claimed victory in a regional Magic The Gathering tournament, marking his proudest accomplishment.

From climbing trees in his youth to trying unusual culinary experiences like dolphin, Justin embodies curiosity and boldness. His favorite scent, roses, hints at a romantic side, and a desire for a telepathic superpower reveals an inclination towards deeper connections.

In both professional tasks and personal pursuits, Justin Kennedy brings a vibrant and well-rounded personality to the Ross Buehler Falk team, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.