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Fees / Peer Review


Each client’s financial situation is unique. So we design our fee structures flexibly, based on the needs and services each client requires. Ross Buehler Falk believes strongly in transparency so that clients know what we will charge for our services, how the charges are calculated, and when they will be charged.


What our clients say about our fees:

“Fees are very reasonable for the types of services that Ross Buehler Falk provides. More importantly, Ross Buehler Falk is very good at working with us on keeping their fees fair. We have a full accounting department with several CPAs on our in-house staff, so we have understanding of fees that some companies may not have. So Ross Buehler Falk allows us to do as much as we possibly can to control fees. Our jobs go well and the fees are kept in check. And that’s extremely important and they do that very well.”

CFO, healthcare client


Peer Review

Our practice takes extraordinary efforts to meet the highest standards of quality service by subjecting its operations to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Programs.

Peer Review is a rigorous, transparent, and objective look at the firm’s accounting and audit practices, conducted every three years by specially trained CPA examiners from other firms. Every member of our firm commits to meeting important requirements, including adherence to quality control standards and continuing education for all professionals.

Peer Review Letter 03-01-2021


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