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Over the past several years, the accounting profession has experienced a few key challenges that have directly affected how accounting firms work today. 

  1. “The Great Resignation” – You’ve probably heard this term applied to the workforce in general; however, the accounting profession has been significantly impacted. From 2020 to 2022, over 300,000 accountants and auditors left their jobs. This represents a 17% decline in staffing levels nationwide. 
  2. New Talent Shortage – The AICPA 2021 Trends Report found fewer college students are graduating with degrees in accounting than in years past and fewer graduates are sitting for the CPA exam. The number of students entering majors that would lead them toward an accounting career has also dwindled. Simply put, there are not enough new accountants to replace those who have left the profession. 
  3. New, Complicated Tax Law – Both the rate and volume of tax law changes, as well as the complexity of these new rules and regulations make accountants’ jobs incredibly difficult. Add deadlines to the equation, and the task of completing even simple returns can seem daunting. 

When you partner with RBF, you are engaging with over 35 years of accounting industry experience. Our team becomes your team. Our firm is proud of our deep industry knowledge, and our track record of creating and maintaining long-lasting client relationships.  

Whatever challenges the accounting industry at large is facing, you can rest assured that our team will always go beyond the numbers, communicating with clarity and honesty as we work to provide the best possible financial services. 


Each client’s financial situation is unique. So, we design our fee structures flexibly, based on the needs and services each client requires. Ross Buehler Falk believes strongly in transparency so that clients know what we will charge for our services, how the charges are calculated, and when they will be charged. 

What our clients say about our fees: 

“Fees are very reasonable for the types of services that Ross Buehler Falk provides. More importantly, Ross Buehler Falk is very good at working with us on keeping their fees fair. We have a full accounting department with several CPAs on our in-house staff, so we have an understanding of fees that some companies may not have. So, Ross Buehler Falk allows us to do as much as we possibly can to control fees. Our jobs go well, and the fees are kept in check. And that’s extremely important and they do that very well.” 

CFO, healthcare client 


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