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Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

RBF's team of experienced professionals view financial statements not as static pictures of organizations at specific moments in time, but as valuable resources to help clients identify risks and opportunities. 

During our engagement, we recommend strategies for our business, professional, and nonprofit clients to enhance accounting systems, improve profitability, and solve business and tax problems.

We offer clients four levels of financial statement assurance.

"We recommend strategies for our business, professional, and nonprofit clients."

  • Audit - the highest level of assurance through financial statement examination supported by rigorous outside verification and transaction testing.
  • Review - a second level provides limited assurance of a client's financial statements following a succession of analytical procedures, inquiries, and industry-wide comparisons.
  • Compilation - a base level consisting of financial information, provided by a client, prepared in a financial statement format without verification or opinion.
  • Agreed-upon procedure - only looks at a specific piece of a financial statement, in most cases through the request of a specific user.

We have experience in performing audits in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book Audits) - this type of audit is geared toward financial statement reporting, but additional audit procedures are required, such as assessing internal controls and certain compliance issues. As with a financial statement audit, the objective of a yellow book audit is to provide an opinion on whether the financial statements are free of a material misstatement.


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