A new member of the Ross Buehler Falk & Company (RBF) team, Mary McClain came on board in 2023 and serves as the firm’s small business specialist. Her work focuses on bookkeeping and assisting companies with their daily needs. An administrative professional with over 30 years of experience, Mary combines excellent time management, organizational skills, and an eye for detail to provide superior service to her clients.

Mary’s personal service philosophy is “Listen with your ears, not your mouth,” a motto that helps her build authentic relationships. She holds a bachelor’s in marketing from Penn State University. Prior to joining the RBF team, Mary worked in office management and bookkeeping and, notably, served as the business manager of Meadia Heights Golf Club for ten years.

Mary lives in her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband David, their two sons, Patrick and Stewart, and a cat named Summer.

Want to get to know Mary even better? Here are a few fun facts about her:

  • Being a mother to her sons has been the biggest reward in Mary’s life. She feels blessed to be able to balance her work life with her Full-Time Job (Mom). She loves to watch them play Lacrosse!
  • When it comes to a favorite author, Mary can’t choose between Jon Gordon & Karen Kingsberry. She loves them both equally.
  • The last thing she binge-watched was the series Yellowstone.
  • When you get into Mary’s car, the radio will probably be tuned to a country station.
  • She loves cheering for her alma mater Penn State football.
  • Mary’s ideal vacation destination is anywhere with a beach.