Kaitlyn McPeak joined the Ross Buehler Falk & Company (RBF) team in 2023 as an administrative assistant. She helps keep the office running smoothly, assisting with administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments, assembling tax returns and extensions, and e-filing. Her easy-going personality shines through as she greets clients when they call or visit the office.  

Originally from Denver, PA, Kaitlyn recently moved to Loganville, PA, with her spouse, Alex; daughter, Olive; and a whole bunch of animals—two dogs named Peach and Coheed, a rabbit named Mumford, Heimdel the goose, a runner duck named Bellybutton, and five hens. Her favorite thing about her new town is visiting Perrydell Farm and Dairy, a working dairy farm that also sells homemade ice cream. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going for walks, and seeking out fun new experiences with her toddler. 

Want to get to know Kaitlyn even better? Here are a few fun facts about her: 

  • The last show she binge-watched on Netflix was Better Call Saul. 
  • Her favorite book is Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood. She enjoys the imagery of the Canadian landscape and how the book makes her think about psychology.  
  • When she’s able to travel, Kaitlyn enjoys visiting Disneyworld or the Finger Lakes in New York State.  
  • Kaitlyn is a football fan, and on Sundays during the season, you can find her cheering for the New England Patriots.  
  • She loves to listen to local Lancaster station 96.1 SOX on her commute. She’s even been SOX’s Smartest Listener three times! 
  • Kaitlyn has an artistic side – one of her hobbies is acrylic and watercolor painting.