In 2023, Ruthanne Smith-Marston joined the Ross Buehler Falk & Company (RBF) team as firm’s office manager. In this role, she does a little bit of everything to ensure that the office runs smoothly. An administrative professional since 2016, Ruthanne’s sharp attention to detail and technological troubleshooting skills make them a welcome addition to the RBF’s administrative team.  

Ruthanne is no stranger to organizing and managing groups of people. She honed many of the skills that make her an effective office manager while serving as a stage manager for local and professional theatre groups. She earned a Bachelor’s in Musical Theatre from San Diego Christian College in 2014. While at school, they worked as both a writing lab tutor and a student reference desk librarian and was awarded the Amanda Graham Service Award. Prior to joining the RBF team, Ruthanne worked as the office manager for Zane & Associates, LLC, a Maryland-based family business.  

Originally from Millersville, MD, Ruthanne currently lives in York, PA with her husband Logan and their pets, a cattle dog mix named Dr. Martha Jones and a tuxedo cat named Salem.  

Want to get to know Ruthanne even better? Here are a few fun facts about her: 

  • Before calling Pennsylvania home, Ruthanne lived in Germany, Maryland, California, and Arizona. Her dad was in the Air Force, which is how she came to live in Germany and Maryland. She attended college in California and worked as a nanny for a family in Arizona post-college. 
  • The last show they binge-watched on Netflix was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 
  • Her favorite book is The Princess Bride by William Goldman. She thinks everyone should give this beautifully written book a read.  
  • Ruthanne’s dream vacation spot involves lots of trees, a river, and good company. 
  • They love Doctor Who and both the graphic novels and the Netflix series of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. 
  • Her hobbies include assembling Ikea furniture, building Legos, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. 
  • Ruthanne enjoys listening to NPR and podcasts.