On November 30, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue launched a new online system for business taxpayers. myPATH, which has been available to individual taxpayers since June 2022, replaces e-TIDES as a full-service system for business taxpayers to handle their registration, filing and payments. The new platform is user-friendly and designed to be responsive to computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Business taxpayers will be able to use myPATH to manage a number of taxes, including withholding tax, sales tax, and corporation tax. myPATH also replaces Pennsylvania Online Business Entity Registration (PA-100), which was an online platform previously used by businesses to register for state taxes.

As part of the transition to myPATH, business filers need to create a new account. Instructions for this process can be found here. Once logged in with their new username and password, customers have the option of migrating their existing credentials from e-TIDES, which will allow them to access their prior account information.

For more information about business taxpayers’ transition to myPATH and the state’s tax system modernization project, read the full press release from the Department of Revenue here.