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Key Tax Provisions Included in New Infrastructure Bill

On November 5, the House voted to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which had previously passed in the Senate. The bill now heads to the White House, where President Biden is expected to sign it into law. Though the main focus of the new legislation is on allocating tax dollars for infrastructure… View Article

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How to Develop Company Travel Policies Post-COVID

According to a recent U.S. Travel Association forecast, only about one-third of companies are requiring their employees to travel. With business travel still at a low, how can companies develop a travel policy that reduces the risk of COVID-19? Occupational Safety and Health Administration When it comes to business travelers, whether employees are traveling domestically… View Article

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New Hire Paperwork: What’s Required and What’s Recommended?

Employers must comply with numerous requirements, including paperwork and notices, when hiring new employees. In addition to required new hire paperwork, documentation is recommended to help administer payroll, benefits, and other HR responsibilities. Here are some key forms to keep in mind: Required New Hire Paperwork: Form I-9. An I-9 Form must be completed for… View Article

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Entrepreneur Success Stories: How R. J. Scaringe and Rivian Built an Electric Truck Company From the Ground Up

Based in California, Rivian is an American automotive manufacturer that specializes in electric vehicles. Originally founded back in 2009, the company now has manufacturing plants in Illinois, Michigan, California, Vancouver, and England. Designing cars intended for both on and off-road driving, the organization currently employs more than 7,000 people as of 2021. You may have… View Article

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Employers Hiring New Employees May Be Able to Claim a Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the labor market – mandated government lockdowns and workers’ and customers’ fears of contracting the illness resulted in businesses closing or temporarily cutting back and laying off or furloughing millions of employees. In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached 14.8%, the highest rate since such data… View Article

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Tips to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

One of the most important things to understand about being a startup entrepreneur is that there is no “one size fits all” approach to what you’re doing. Everyone’s path is different, and you need to find out your own if you want to have any reasonable chance for long-term success. Having said that, there are… View Article

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How Businesses Can Help Employees Improve their Skills

Based upon a recent McKinsey Global Survey, nearly 9 in 10 (87 percent) of respondents management level and above affirmed they are currently dealing with a skills gap among their employees or expect to be within the next five years. With the vast majority of businesses experiencing or forecasting a skills-gap, how can they close… View Article

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Business Success Stories – The Explosive Growth of Zoom

Video conferencing in and of itself is certainly nothing new. It’s been around in some form or another for decades — businesses used it for remote meetings in the 1990s, and personal users have been “Skyping” with friends and family members since high-speed Internet connections found their way into just about every home. But at… View Article

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The Art of Running a Successful Family Business: Breaking Things Down

At its core, a family business is exactly what it sounds like: a company or other enterprise owned, operated, and actively managed by at least two people from the same family. This can be a parent and their kids, two siblings, or some other configuration — it doesn’t actually matter, as the management is made… View Article

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Higher Income Individuals Beware

The House Ways and Means Committee has released an extensive list of proposed tax changes that impact individual, retirement, international and corporate tax law. We have been selective and have only included a portion of the proposed changes. A full list of proposed changes is available from the PDF file titled Responsibility Funding Our Priorities…. View Article

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