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Corporate Transparency Act — Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirement

Starting January 1, 2024, a significant number of businesses will be required to comply with the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA). The CTA was enacted into law as part of the National Defense Act for Fiscal Year 2021. The CTA requires the disclosure of the beneficial ownership information (otherwise known as “BOI”) of certain entities from… View Article

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Technology Trends for Business to Watch in 2024

The unrelenting advancement of technology is still going strong even as we enter 2024. The business landscape is poised for transformative changes, driven by ongoing developments that demand organizations to be innovative and adaptive. Below, we explore some key technology trends that businesses should keenly observe to remain competitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advancements: Unlocking New… View Article

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Documenting Fiduciary Accounting Practices

Fiduciary accounting, which is also referred to as court accounting, is a way to document and report financial activity during a discrete period of time for legal entities, such as a conservatorship, estate, trust or guardianship. It’s meant to give adequate notice to all relevant parties when it comes to every consequential financial activity impacting… View Article

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Considerations For Paying Off a Mortgage Early

For many, buying a home is the biggest asset they will ever own. However, you aren’t able to fully benefit from that asset until you pay off the mortgage; until then it is technically a liability. The most common length of a mortgage loan is 30 years, but most people either sell their home, refinance… View Article

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A Safeguarding Your IRS Payments: Defending Against Check Washing Fraud

In an era where financial scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, protecting your IRS payments demands more awareness than it once did. Check washing fraud, a technique where thieves steal checks from the mail, erase crucial information, and manipulate the payee and amount, has seen a resurgence. Understanding exactly how this crime is committed is essential… View Article

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Breaking: IRS Restarts Collection Notices But Adds Penalty Relief

In a significant development to assist individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations grappling with back taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has introduced new penalty relief for approximately 4.7 million entities that did not receive automated collection reminder notices during the pandemic. The IRS is allocating around $1 billion in penalty relief, primarily benefiting those with… View Article

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Home IRS Expands Requirements to E-File Information Returns Starting in 2024

Businesses, whether operating as a corporation, partnership, or a sole proprietorship, have been required to electronically file information returns when the aggregate number of these returns, regardless of the type of return, for a tax year was more than 250. The IRS issued regulations in February 2023 lowering the threshold to 10 or more returns,… View Article

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What to Do When You’ve Made a Mistake on Your Tax Return

Filing taxes can be a complex process, and it’s not uncommon for mistakes to occur. Whether it’s a simple miscalculation or a more significant error, knowing how to navigate IRS tax problems is crucial for taxpayers. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to take if you find yourself in a situation where… View Article

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Taxes and Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is customarily a time of giving gifts, whether to your favorite charity, family members or others. Some gifts have tax implications and can even provide a variety of tax benefits. But be wary; during the holiday season, you may receive phone calls, texts, emails, snail mail, or appeals on social networking sites… View Article

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Two Ways to Measure Revenue Per User

When it comes to measuring revenue, it’s essential that businesses analyze it from a variety of perspectives. While there’s revenue and net income on an income statement to show a company’s quarterly financials, another way to measure it is through ARPU (average revenue per user) and ARPPU (average revenue per paying user).  Defining ARPU  ARPU… View Article

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