0354Patrick has been with Ross Buehler Falk (RBF) for more than two decades. He has devoted the entirety of his professional accounting career to serving RBF clients, joining the firm in 1996, shortly after graduating from college. He was welcomed to the firm’s partner group in 2010 and happily marked his 10-year anniversary as a partner this past January.

During his time with RBF, Patrick has developed a specialty working with nonprofit, healthcare, agribusiness, and gaming industry clients. He serves as a controller and accounting manager for both nonprofit and healthcare clients. Additionally, he was entrusted with managing a $300 million trust fund.

A graduate of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in law. While in college he played on the school’s varsity soccer team, spending three years as a starter. He appeared on the Geneva College Dean’s List.

Now a resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Patrick has been married for 10 years and has four children. When asked to describe his favorite thing about the city where he lives, Patrick replied, “I think the conservative nature of the people and the great Christian atmosphere to live and raise a family.” He feels very blessed by his family, and when asked to name the best compliment that he has ever received, Patrick cited a time when someone described him as “a great husband and father.”

Patrick is extensively involved in both his professional and local communities. He is strongly devoted to furthering good causes and supporting the accounting industry. Professionally, he is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Patrick’s 16-year (and growing!) legacy of serving local nonprofits includes current service as the treasurer of the Pleasant View Retirement Community and membership of the YMCA board of directors. Formerly, he was a board member of both the Manheim Township Soccer club and the Seneca Gaming Corporation.

Want to get to know Patrick even better? We asked him a variety of silly questions, and here is what we learned:

  • When asked to describe the most impressive thing he knows how to do, Patrick explained that beyond being an accountant, he is also something of a jack-of-all-trades. “I can just about fix anything mechanical or broken or out of wood.” In fact, if he didn’t have to sleep, in his extra time Patrick would “make furniture, exercise more, and teach myself to play the violin.”
  • If Patrick could visit any fictional place, he would choose to travel to the lost city of Atlantis. In reality, the farthest he has ever been from home is Germany.
  • Patrick is an avid sports fan. One of his proudest “silly” accomplishments is becoming a soccer referee. If he had a clock that would count down to any one event of his choosing, he would set it to count down to the day when the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl. Patrick would love to master the art of playing golf.