Jessica Peiffer joined Ross Buehler Falk (RBF) in 2019, establishing herself in the accounting industry. In her capacity as an accountant, she works primarily in the firm’s Audit Department. Jessica sits on the RBF Fun Committee, where she helps generate ideas for fun and exciting things the office can do as a team.

Since she is relatively new to the accounting field, Jessica has yet to establish an area of specialty. “I do, however, feel my strengths would pertain to any area of construction and real estate, due to my extensive background in these related fields,” she explained. Jessica is referring to the four and a half years she spent working in property management and real estate and the 11 years she devoted to home improvement. Prior to joining RBF she developed extensive experience in management, sales, assistance with the purchase of properties, and home renovations.

When asked to describe her personal philosophy of service, Jessica replied, “I want to treat each client and customer like they are the only thing that matters and make it clear that I see them as a person, not a number.” Jessica chose to go into accounting because she has always been intrigued with the logic of numbers. She likes that they work in a way that is “matter of fact” and leaves no room for gray area. This, in combination with her naturally investigative mind, makes her a great fit for the field.

Jessica’s favorite quote comes from Albert Einstein: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” She loves it because she believes that if, as adults, we could maintain the creativity and imaginations we once had as children, the world would be a happier place. Jessica expresses this desire in her favorite hobby: painting. “I am a self-made artist who pushes the boundaries of color exploration,” she explained. Jessica’s portfolio of commissions includes tattoo designs/drawings and a variety of paintings ranging from abstract to feminine exploration. “This allows me to express who I am as an artist while catering to the wants of others. The feeling and satisfaction gained from providing a client with a piece of art that stirs their emotions and overwhelms them with happiness is simply one of the best.”

Raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Jessica currently lives in Mount Joy. She enjoys the area because it offers a good mix of close by activities and greenery, farmland, animals, and nature. Jessica is mother to two beautiful girls and has a zoo of animals, including two dogs, a cat, a hamster, and some fish. She cites her mother and grandmother as the most influential people in her personal life, and Vincent Van Gogh as her biggest creative inspiration.

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