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Ross Buehler Falk & Company is committed to providing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet each client's unique personal and business goals. We build long-lasting client relationships through personal attention, integrity, and a dedicated pro-active team of professionals.



Podcast #17: Business Lessons Learned in the Insurance Business by Liz Martin

An insurance sale is the toughest sale there is to make. No one knows that better than Liz Martin, who has been selling insurance for over 22 years as the owner and president of Martin Insurance Agency.  She has some great wisdom for everyone, so take a listen…

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Podcast #16: Eric Blow, President, Astro Machine Works – Open Book Management

First of all, very proud we are an American manufacturer (ASTRO MACHINE WORKS).  We do custom machine building and started our Open Book Management (OBM) program in November 2007.  Knowing what I know today, I would work on culture first: one-on-one coaching, we’re big on, people…

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Podcast #15: Audience Feedback on New Tax Law Forum

We’ve just finished up a session on the new Tax Law, and I have Jeff Groff with me who is the Tax Partner at RBF.  So Jeff, give me the highlights from this morning and then we’re going to get some feedback from our attendees…..

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Podcast #14: Myths and Realities of the New Tax Bill

Jeff, I know we’ve had a very interesting end to the year 2017 with the passing of the Tax Code and I know you have lots of information that you’re going to share with us today…..

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Podcast #12: The Beauty of Numbers Interview With Mary McDevitt, Accountant

Today, we’re going to be talking with Mary McDevitt.  She is so full of enthusiasm and excitement because she is starting her career….

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Podcast #11: Tips For A Clean Audit Interview with Anthony Spataro, CPA

Welcome to the podcast Anthony.  We’re pleased to have Anthony Spataro with us today.  Anthony is a CPA with Ross Buehler Falk.  Talk to me about auditing and what it is about the auditing process…..

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Podcast #10: Tax Tips for Businesses Interview with Jeff Groff, Tax Partner

Today we want to talk about Tax Tips for Businesses, and Jeff, as we’re getting closer to the end of the year, what are the tax tips that you have for businesses……

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Podcast #9: Tax Tips for Individuals Interview with Jeff Groff, Tax Partner

So welcome to the show.  And what we’re going to talk about today is Tax Tips for Individuals.  Now we know that there’s still a month or so before we actually get into tax season, but ……

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Podcast #8: Recruiting and Retaining Employees In A Tight Labor Market

Interview with Scott Fiore, Vice President, Partner, TriStarr Staffing: Today I have with me Scott Fiore and Scott is an expert on the labor market.  So every business owner that I talk to talks about the labor shortage and I know that you’re going to talk to us about that…….

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Podcast #7: Who Is Dean Zerbe and Why Is This “Washington Insider” Coming To Lancaster?

We’re having what we’re calling a “September Showcase Event” which is really our bi-monthly Executive Forum and we’re very excited.  We’ve got two outstanding speakers coming.  Tuesday, September 19 from 8 AM to 11 AM at Lancaster Country Club…..

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