At the beginning of August, Sean Smith, accounting and auditing manager, braved the Texas heat to attend Engineered Tax Advisory’s Highest and Best Use (HABU) Conference. The conference gathered accounting professionals from around the country to learn about identifying and implementing advisory services to better serve clients.

Sean answered a few questions about what he learned at HABU:

What is something learned that you know that you’ll use to help your clients?
The big one was a refresher on tax credit programs such as R&D, cost segregation, ERTC, and WOTC. I also got an overview of potential tax benefits associated with aviation, rooftop cellular equipment, solar equipment, and more that I think will benefit some of my clients. Another real highlight of the conference was being introduced to specialists to whom I can refer clients as needed.

What was the most memorable session you attended?
The presentation on tax benefits associated with private jet ownership, as well as financing, operations, and legal issues.

What was your favorite part of the conference?
Making new connections and strengthening existing ones.

To find out how Sean can use what he learned at HABU to help your business, contact RBF today.