We value RBF as part of our team of Trusted Advisors.  We rely on them for their expertise in accounting, taxes and audits, but also for their knowledge of our business.  They keep us up to date on the new regulations and changes in tax laws that impact us.  Their expertise in our industry is valuable, but they also bring us an outside perspective which is very important.

One of the things we appreciate about RBF is that the same people are working on our account year after year, and that consistency means they really get to know our company and are more efficient in their field work.  I don’t have to educate new people every year and the RBF personnel develop a greater understanding about the nuances of our business.

We have excellent relationships with all levels of the RBF team, but especially important is our access to the Partners.  They are very responsive and I can pick up the phone and get through to any of the Partners at any time to get my questions answered.  These relationships are important to us and help to make RBF part of our team of trusted advisors.

It is a pleasure to work with RBF and we look forward to our continued relationship.