One of my favorite aspects of RBF is its culture of learning and developing. Not only do the partners allow the staff to be involved directly with clients from the beginning, but they encourage it. We get more diversity in the type of work we do than at a larger firm. This means that as partners retire, the staff will have the necessary skills and be well-equipped to continue the excellent service our clients deserve. RBF does a great job with internal communications, which is key, especially in a hybrid work environment. The outside perception is often that CPAs just do taxes or that auditing has a negative connotation. The reality is that our chief aim is simply to help our clients. We encourage them to reach out during the year with questions (not just during their engagement), and we proactively reach out to them to keep them informed of upcoming accounting changes, tax law changes, or other relevant topics. This results in smoother engagements and better overall success for our clients.