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Home Energy Audit Tax Benefits

Have you been thinking of making home improvements? If so, and they include energy saving improvements, you may qualify for some substantial income tax credits. Even if home improvements aren’t currently on your to-do list, with the increasing cost of energy you may find that energy saving home improvements, along with the tax credits that… View Article

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Work and Social Security Benefits

You can work and still receive Social Security benefits, but how much you receive depends on a number of factors.  First, if you do plan to continue working after becoming eligible to receive benefits, you might consider delaying filing for benefits for as long as possible. That’s because the earlier you begin drawing benefits, the… View Article

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Electric Vehicle Charging Taxes: A State-By-State Overview

The electric vehicle (EV) and hydrogen electric vehicle (HEV) revolution is well underway, with an increasing number of drivers switching to eco-friendly options every day. However, as EVs and HEVs become more common, states are implementing taxes and regulations on charging stations, potentially affecting drivers’ and businesses’ finances.   In this brief guide, we’ll explore how… View Article

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Stronger Regulations Coming for Taxes on Cryptocurrency

The nature of innovation means that laws will always be lagging behind new technology, now, legislation is attempting to catch up to cryptocurrency. Approximately 17% of US adults have used digital currency, which positions itself as a decentralized method of payment. But as marketplaces have grown, they have quickly created a landscape that makes it… View Article

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Are You Ignoring Retirement?

Are you ignoring your future retirement needs? That tends to happen when you are younger, retirement is far in the future, and you believe you have plenty of time to save for it. Some people ignore the issue until late in life and then have to scramble at the last minute to fund their retirement…. View Article

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Tax Implications of Student Loan Forgiveness

Back in August of 2022, President Biden issued an executive order that would forgive federal student loan debt for lower income individuals. The program would have provided up to $20,000 in loan relief to borrowers with loans held by the Department of Education (DOE) whose individual income is less than $125,000 ($250,000 for married couples)… View Article

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IRS Announces End of Unannounced Taxpayer Visits (Mostly)

You wake up in the middle of the night. Heart racing, drenched in sweat and breathing heavy. Thankfully, it was just a nightmare when the IRS showed up at your doorstep unannounced. Recently, however, this was the reality for some taxpayers – and not just a bad dream. The IRS just publicized a significant shift… View Article

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Window/er Social Security Benefits

A widow or widower is eligible for a survivors benefit from Social Security even if they never worked – as long as the deceased spouse qualified for benefits based on his or her own income record. Also note that surviving spouses must have been married to their most current spouse for at least the nine… View Article

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Increased Tax Bills Hitting Private Companies – Big and Small

Private companies both large and small are feeling the tax pinch due to changes in the law. With rampant inflation, labor shortages, lingering supply chain issues and increased borrowing costs due to rising interest rates, tax problems are the last thing struggling companies need to face.  While tax rates themselves remain largely unchanged, business’ taxable… View Article

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Divorced, Separated, Married or Widowed this Year? Unpleasant Surprises May Await You at Tax Time

Taxpayers are frequently blindsided when their filing status changes because of a life event such as marriage, divorce, separation or the death of a spouse. These occasions can be stressful or ecstatic times, and the last thing most people will be thinking about are the tax ramifications. But the ramifications are real and need to… View Article

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