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When Can You Dump Old Tax Records?

Taxpayers often question how long records must be kept and the amount of time IRS has to audit a return after it is filed.  It all depends on the circumstances! In many cases, the federal statute of limitations can be used to help you determine how long to keep records. With certain exceptions, the statute… View Article

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Don’t Get Hit with IRS Underpayment Penalties

Under federal law, taxpayers must pay taxes during the year as they earn or receive income, or they can find themselves falling victim to substantial underpayment penalties. Even worse, they may have spent the money, and when tax time comes are unable to pay their past taxes and spiral into financial distress.  To facilitate the… View Article

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I Needed to Repay Part of My Compensation; Will I Get a Refund on My Taxes?

So, you filed and paid all your taxes on the money you earned in 2021. Now, the company you work for finds itself in trouble and you are forced to pay back part of your compensation. The big question is, will the IRS refund you for the taxes you already paid related to this compensation?… View Article

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Estate Taxes vs. Inheritance Taxes: Understanding the Differences

Estate and inheritance (“death”) taxes are levied on the transfer of property at death. The difference between an estate tax and an inheritance tax is based on who pays the bill. An estate tax is levied on the estate of the deceased, while an inheritance tax is levied on the heirs of the deceased. That’s… View Article

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Are You Caring for a Disabled Family Member? Read This.

Many taxpayers prefer to care for ill or disabled family members in their homes as opposed to placing them in nursing homes, but doing this can be expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting. The government also recognizes home care as a means of reducing the government’s costs in terms of caring for individuals who otherwise would be… View Article

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How Volunteering Can Earn You a Big Tax Deduction

Most people volunteer out of a sense of altruism, duty or purpose – not to get a tax deduction from Uncle Sam. At the same time, if your good deeds could also result in lower taxes, why not? Theoretically, this would free up more time to volunteer or let you make a charitable donation, a… View Article

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Home Energy Improvement Credit Is Enhanced

This credit goes all the way back to 2006, providing a tax credit for making energy-saving improvements to a taxpayer’s home. This tax benefit was supposed to expire after 2021 but a law change has given the credit renewed life and substantially enhanced it beginning with 2023. Prior to 2023, the credit had a lifetime… View Article

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Wow! You Can Now Get a Tax Credit For Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

2023 brings with it a whole new set of rules related to qualifying for a tax credit for purchasing a used electric vehicle. This is the first time that used electric vehicles have qualified for a tax credit, and although considerably less than the credit for purchasing a new electric vehicle, it does provide an… View Article

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Understanding the Latest Modifications to Form 1099-K Reporting Requirements

There has been updated guidance on how and when tax filers must file and report Form 1099-K, Payment Card, and Third-Party Network Transactions in 2022 and 2023. According to the December IRS release, new income and transaction reporting requirements for so-called third-party settlement organizations (TPSOs) have been delayed for one year. A TPSO, according to… View Article

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The Implications of the R&D Tax Policy Changes on Manufacturers Everywhere

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’re no doubt aware of a recent policy change that will impact the way that research and development (R&D for short) is handled when it comes to income taxes in the United States. Rather than being allowed to deduct those costs immediately, companies are now being told… View Article

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